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Abrasive Cup Brushes

Abrasive cup brushes are circular wire brushes arranged in a cup. They’re ideal for or use on a wide range of electrical and compressed air tools, such as angle grinders, and are used to remove burrs (raised edges or small pieces of unwanted material remaining attached to a work piece), rust and paints. Why use an abrasive cup brush?Abrasive cup brushes can add the finishing touches to your project by smoothing the edges and removing any unwanted surface dust. When they’re attached to your power tool, they use a multi-directional fast brushing action which can reach a variety of surfaces from different directions. For this reason, they’re ideal for removing rust, polishing metals and cleaning car components. Types of abrasive cup brushesThe brass or steel wires in large styles allow for working on large surface areas, saving you time and energy, while smaller designs are better suited for precision work on smaller surfaces. You can also choose from twisted wire cup brushes for more aggressive cleaning jobs or standard crimped abrasive cup brushes.