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Pipes, Tubing, and Hoses

We supply a wide range of pipes, tubing, and hoses. Choose the best copper, stainless steel, PVC or MDPE pipe, braided hose, hose reels or hose protectors to suit your requirements, from brands such as Dairy Pipe Lines, George Fischer, and RS Pro. What is the difference between a pipe and a tube? People often use pipes and tubes interchangeably, but they’re two different things and are measured in different ways. Pipes are usually measured by the interior diameter and tubes are usually measured by the exterior diameter. This can sometimes be confusing and mean you end up with the wrong item for the job, for example, you may be searching online for copper tubes in an attempt to fix your pipes, and receive incorrect search engine results as you needed copper pipes instead. This could mean that you buy the wrong thickness or size pipe for your project to fix the problem. Things to consider when selecting pipes, tubes and hoses When choosing a pipe, tube or hose it’s important to consider the material; this is due to the different benefits of each type of material and its intended purpose. For example, rubber hoses can serve a multitude of purposes; in industrial settings they require a greater wall thickness or more robust material so they can be used with higher heats or chemicals. Selecting the right material in the first place will ensure that money and time isn’t wasted. Our flexible tubes come in a range of colours and diameters to meet your required specification. We also carry an assortment of rigid tubes and piping in brass, copper, and steel made from a seamless welded construction. Our range of threaded and unthreaded stainless steel pipes come in a multitude of sizes and thicknesses and are suitable for various uses both industrially and domestically. Hoses are connected to one another or an appliance with a hose coupling. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a coupling to ensure it works properly and reduce waste. This includes considering pressure, flow rate, the shape, size and material. We carry hose couplings in a range of materials. Some of the most popular include: Acetal Aluminium Brass Glass Fibre Reinforced PP Stainless Steel alloy along with a wider variety of both metal and plastic materials

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