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Pneumatic Drains

Pneumatic drains, commonly also called automatic drains, are used in pneumatic air preparation. They provide an efficient way of removing condensates, including water, from your pneumatic system.
Why are pneumatic drains important?
Pneumatic drains can be used in all kinds of pneumatic systems, for example in factories. They work in conjunction with filters to remove contaminants or to prevent them from building up in a pneumatic system. Excess lubricant, metal particles, rust and scale can be separated out from the system by filters, and then removed via a drain. Pneumatic drains can be installed at low points in the system to help stop condensation collecting. They reduce the risk of damage to expensive equipment and the need for downtime.
Features of pneumatic drains
Pneumatic drains are available in a range of sizes and volumes depending on the system they’re compatible with and how heavy-duty the application they’re needed for is. Particularly useful are automatic pneumatic drains, which reduce the risk of forgetting to empty the drain.