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SMB Connectors

SMB Connectors (Sub-miniature version B) are small RF coaxial connectors. They feature a Snap-on coupling mechanism making them ideal for field install applications and are available in 50 Ω and 75 Ω impedances and support applications with a requirement of DC to 4 GHz.TypesThere are many variants of SMB connector, the choice depends on the application it is used for. SMB connectors are used with a thinner coaxial cable and are available straight or right angled.GenderUnlike other RF connectors, SMB connectors’ gender can be confusing. The Female or (jack) has a male centre pin and the Male (plug) has a female basket or hole.Termination method• Crimp• Clamp• SolderMounting types• Cable mount• Panel mount• PCB mountUsesSMB connectors are useful in environments where space saving is Crucial. Typical applications include:• Base stations• Antennas• Radio boards• GPS (Global Positioning Systems)• PC/LAN (Local Area Network)