SMB Connectors

A Coaxial Connector is a single-piece component allowing the connection of two different pieces of equipment that cannot be joined directly. What do Coaxial Connectors do? Coaxial connectors provide a convenient method of connecting RF equipment together. Applications:LaboratoryTest and measurementCommunicationsBase stationsGPSLANAntennas Types: There are two main types of RF coaxial adapters; In series: A two-port Interconnection device that provides a convenient method of converting from one gender to another in the same series. Is also known as an inline coupler or inline barrel adapter. An In series coaxial adapter is also a handy way to join two lengths of cable together to extend the run within the same connector series. Between series A two-port interconnection device allowing the conversion between two different types of RF coaxial cable connector types. For example, BNC to N, SMA to TNC. The most important attributes that must be considered are; GenderMale to Male, Female to Female, Male to Female Series (connector group): SMA, BNC, TNC, N-type Body orientationStraightRight angleTeeAngledVertical Impedance50 Ω75 Ω100 Ω500 Ω