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Laser Measures

Laser measures are a highly efficient way of measuring distances on all terrains. Using a laser to target and record a point of reference, the device then calculates and displays the distance to that point with a high degree of accuracy. Offering a measurement solution that is far faster and easier than a conventional tape measure, laser measures are a highly versatile device. The RS Components range of laser distance measures features precision models from leading brands, such as Bosch, DeWALT and Fluke. How Do Laser Measures Work? Laser distance meters send a laser to a particular point, and time how long it takes for the reflection of that laser to return to the device. It then uses that time to calculate the distance. The visible laser pointer allows the user to easily pin point the desired area of measurement. What Are The Advantages of Laser Measures? Unlike tape measures, laser measures can be used one-handed, and do not require anyone to assist with longer measurements. Also, devices can typically record several points of references without having to move, allowing you to calculate relative difference between two points. Typically pocket-sized with easily read display screens, laser measures are easy to use, and can even be tripod mounted for accurate measurements over very long distances. There only real disadvantage is that they require a battery charge or power source to operate, and may be more susceptible to harsh environments than manual measurement tapes. However, environmentally resistant and water resistant laser measures are available. Applications: Laser measures are commonly used by surveyors, builders and handy workers. Where-ever precision measurements are required, a digital laser measure can save you time and prevent mistakes. The RS Components range of laser measuring tools features devices with varying measurement ranges to suit your demands.