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File Handles

What is a file handle?It is a handle made out of either plastic or wood used with the file to prevent injury to the user.How does it work?The majority of file handles are push fit, meaning the file is just pushed into the hole in the handle.Sometimes they are screw fit files, which mean they have hardened teeth in the hole in the handle that score a groove in the soft metal file, to give added grip to the user.Features and Benefits Ergonomically designed Textured surface providing excellent grip Some handles offer resistance to chemicals, oils and solvents. Some file handles have hanging holes making storage easier Wooden handles have a metal strip around the bottom called a ferrule; this prevents the wood from cracking at the base. The ferrule is made from steel that is plated with zinc to prevent corrosion. Plastic handles often have rubber sections for better grip purposes. Different handles support different file sizes.Where would I use one? In the workplace DIY projects At home