Timers & Counters

RS Components provides a versatile range of counters to suit a variety of devices and functions. With digital, electromechanical and purely mechanical counters available, RS provides a solution to industrial, commercial and project applications wherever precise counting and tallying is required. You’ll find counters available from trusted brands such as Baumer, Omron, Red Lion, Kubler, Hengstler, Trumeter and our own RS PRO selection.Functions of CountersDigital Counters, Mechanical Counters, Electronic Counters and Hour Meters store and display the frequency of an ocurring process, normally synchronized with a clock. For example, Electronic Counters in particular follow a sequential logic circuit which has a clock input signal. Industrial applications of counting devices are used to measure:LengthImpulsesTime elapsedPosition IndicationSwitching and controlTypes of CounterDigital counters – are electronic in design and will often have a digital display. These counters work off a latching circuit or “flip-flop” when the time gets to the set value the relay will switch from 1 position to the next (flip), then the next pre-set value it will switch back (flop). It latches in each position and holds it so that current can flow.Asynchronous or ripple counters – consisting of a number of flip-flops these count a stream of pulses applied to the counter’s input. The output is a binary value whose value is equal to the number of pulses received.Synchronous counters – provide a more reliable circuit for counting purposes, and for high-speed operation, as the clock pulses in this circuit are fed to every flip-flop in the chain at exactly the same time.Decade counters – used to count decimal digits rather than binary.Ring counters – have a cascade layout of flip-flops in a ring so that the output of the last is fed into the input of the first.Mechanical counters – are built using mechanical components, They typically consist of a series of disks mounted on an axle, with the digits 0 through 9 marked on their edge.Hour meters – are instruments used to track and record elapsed time, normally displayed in hours and tenths of hours. Most hour meters are used to log the running time of equipment for proper maintenance of devices or machines.Applications:Applications of industrial counters include:AutomationMachine BuildingEnergy ManagementMedicalTransportationBrowse the broad range of high quality Counters RS Components have to offer and order today for free next day delivery.