Perforated Aluminium Sheets

Metal sheets are thin, flat pieces of material in a range of materials and forms suitable for use in a wide range of applications. Construction and fabrication industries are some of the most common uses for metal sheets along with a range of uses within the DIY and hobby space. The range of materials and forms available enable metal sheets to be used in industrial and everyday use products.Here at RS we offer our customers an extensive range of sheet metal manufactured from top quality materials. This range includes the likes of steel sheets; galvanised and stainless as well as other metals.Types of metal sheets?Available in a range of forms, a metal sheet is a versatile material for fabrication, construction and general machining.Plain – Plain sheet material is a smooth, flat and unmarked sheet of your chosen material suitable for a range of applications.Perforated – Similar to a plain metal sheet, perforated metal sheets are a smooth and flat material however perforated sheet materials feature a punched hole pattern across its face. This hole pattern can vary in shape, orientation, hole diameter and spacing. These hole variables can allow for a perforated sheet to be used in a range of applications and can regulate the amount of space material can pass through. Perforated sheets can be used for filtering in liquids and foods, for air movement and also a way to created shading panels without fully blocking all light.Checker Plate – Unlike plain and perforated metal sheets, checker plate sheets have a pattern punched into the face of the material. This punched pattern created a relief often known as the tread. Tread is used to give more grip on a sheet and is commonly used in applications such as staircases where high levels of grip are required.Also available in various materials, our range of plain, perforated and checker plate sheet materials can accommodate any application. Our metal sheets can be found in:AluminiumSteelStainless SteelBrassCopper