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Hook & Loop Tapes

Hook and loop tape (Velcro) was invented by a Swiss engineer George de Mestral in 1941, Velcro is a combination of two French words Velours(Velvet) and crochet (hook)
What is Hook and Loop Tape?
Hook and loop tape is most commonly known as velcro tape or hook and loop fastener tape. The backing tape material may vary but hook and loops are normally made from nylon or polyester. It is a type of fastener closure system consisting of two types of tape that, when pressed together, form a secure fastening.
One tape, called hook tape, has a rough side consisting of tiny hooks and the other tape is called loop tape and is covered in soft loops. When these two tapes are pressed together the hooks on the hook tape engage with the loops on the loop tape causing them to bind together. The two tapes can be peeled apart when required making a distinctive tearing sound.
How to Attach Hook and Loop Tape
Most hook and loop tapes have a pressure sensitive self-adhesive backing for a secure attachment. Fabric backed hook and loop tape can be sewn to textiles such as clothing, bags, and furniture. Heat activated adhesive hook and loop tape uses heat from an iron that makes the adhesive tacky, it can then be stuck to the surface of the fabric.
Types of Hook and Loop Tape
Standard Hook and Loop: These are separate hook and loop tapes which are sold together for convenience but they can also be purchased separately.
Back to Back Hook and Loop: This tape has hooks on one side and loops on the other enabling it to be wrapped around itself for securing bundles of cables.
Self-Engaging Hook and Loop: This tape, also known as mixed hook and loop tape, has hooks and loops on the same side for a one-piece solution.
Mushroom Hook Tape: This tape has mushroomed shaped stems protruding from the backing. When pressed together these stems interlock with one another to provide a secure fastening.
Hook and loop tapes are available in various lengths and widths and can also be supplied on a strip in separate circular coin shapes or squares.
Quick and easy to use/Very strong/Simple to unfasten/Can be manipulated around
objects/Maintenance free
Clothing/Soft furnishings/Signage/Picture/Hanging/Partitioning/Exhibitions/Workshops/Cable harnessing/Gazebos