Potentiometer Mounting Nuts

Potentiometer mounting nuts are devices that are used to attach potentiometers to another surface. A potentiometer is a type of resistor that has three terminals and a sliding or rotating contact. Potentiometers are generally used as part of the control of certain electrical devices, for example to adjust the volume on a television. They usually have relatively little power, of around one watt or less.What are potentiometers used for? Potentiometers are often used as control inputs for electrical devices, for example on devices like remote controls. They have a broad range of uses across the board, in fields such as computing, audio and television, for example. They can work to alter volume, to dim lights, or to change the picture brightness and contrast on a television.Types of potentiometer mounting nuts Potentiometer mounting nuts vary according to the type of potentiometer they are designed to be used with. This can be in terms of brand or series.