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KVM in this context is short for; keyboard, video and mouse; – in other words, KVM-related products cover many of the most frequently used and widely available computer peripherals on today’s home and office PC markets.In this category, you’ll find an advanced range of extenders, adapters, converters, docking stations and splitters for use with desktop and laptop computer peripherals. Our most requested brands for KVM devices include the likes of Belkin, Startech, RS PRO, and Newlink.Which KVM products are most useful in home/office computers?Firewire cards – designed to provide plug-and-play PC compatibility with a range of Firewire devices, by connecting to a PCIE slot on the motherboard while providing one or more Firewire ports as inputHDMI splitters and connectors – intended to provide multiple HDMI outputs via a single HDMI socket on a laptop or PCKVM switches and extenders – KVM switches are often seen in data centres and similar environments, where they enable one or more users to control a number of computers via a single keyboard, monitor (video display) and mouse setupKVM extenders allow a standard keyboard, mouse and monitor to connect to a PC that may itself be located some distance awayLaptop docking stations – provide power and charge functions for multiple laptops, monitors, ethernet connections and other device types from a single compact unit, ideal for hotdesking or temporary office setupsUSB cards – increase the number of available USB ports in a laptop or desktop device while connecting directly to the motherboard via PCIEUSB hubs and extenders – offer better flexibility when using USB interface devices at range, or when looking to split one USB socket into multiple inputsVideo converters, extenders and splitters – a range of adapters and hubs that provide multi-monitor capabilities via numerous connection types, including USB, VGA, DisplayPort and HDMIKVM products such as splitters, extenders and adapter are designed to enhance flexibility and usability across a broad range of peripheral types and connections. Compatible products may feature a variety of different connection and interface types, including standard USB, Firewire, HDMI, PCIE, VGA and more.

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