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Threaded Steel & Stainless Steel Pipes

What does it do? Steel pipe is safe, durable and hard wearing. With the addition of some coatings, it can extend the life of the steel pipework by preventing the build-up of rust. Steel pipe can be formed into various shapes, bends and curves. With the addition of steel connections, joints and fittings pipework can be utilised in almost any industrial set-up. Steel and stainless steel pipes are primarily used in applications that require the safe delivery of gases or liquids under pressure. Galvanised tube can also be used for handrail systems in schools, factories and public buildings.Applications Most industries must transport liquids, gas or air under pressure. Some of the most common applications are;• Galvanised tube -Hand and guide rail systems• Transportation of water and waste underground• Boiler and condenser tubes-steam• High-pressure applications• Chemical processingTypes • Steel• Stainless SteelFinish• Galvanised• OxidisedThreadBSPT (British standard pipe thread) sometimes denoted with the letter R