Compression Fittings

What are compression fittings?Suitable for use in both commercial and residential applications, brass and copper compression fittings are an easy and practical plumbing method for both DIY and professional plumbers. Available in a variety of standard sizes each in different profiles such as straight connectors, 90-degree elbow, equal tee as well as reducing fittings from one size to another. Connecting copper pipe is easy with the range of fittings available with minimal effort. How do compression fittings work?Standard compression fittings are simple and easy to use fitting as simple as the name sounds. Made up of three basic pieces, a compression fitting uses a threaded nut with a hole in that tightens down to the compression fittings body. This tightens down over a small typically brass ring called an Olive that is placed between the nut and the body of the fitting. This olive is compressed by the tightening of the nut to the body creating a sealed joint. What size do I need? Always check the exact size of the pipe or fitting to be used when plumbing and a range of metric and imperial fittings are available and ensuring the correct size is selected is key to making an exact and well-sealed joint. Using Compression FittingsMost standard compression fittings just require two spanners to install, these can either be fixed or adjustable spanners used to tighten the fittings nut down for the best seal. PTFE tape may also be used over the fittings thread to give the best seal and limit the risk of leaking over time.