Hole Saws

Hole saw and core drill bits are great for creating holes bigger than standard drill bits. Used across many applications and done more rapidly as there is less material that needs to be removed.Pilot Drill BitsPilot drills are necessary before a screw is being inserted or when a hole saw is in use. Creating a pilot hole will prevent your wood from being split when screwing into it. These pilot drills can also be used as an arbor with a hole saw. This can be a great measure to eliminate any problems for your project.An arbor or mandrill is an attachment that is used with a hole saw and power drills to cut holes in metal, plastic and wood. The arbor is made up of three sections:An arbor is a way of temporarily securing a hole saw to a power drill to enable cutting of circular holes in metal, plastic or wood. The arbor shaft is fixed into the chuck of the power drill. The hole saw is attached to the arbor through a small hole at the centre back of the hole saw. The saw is secured to the arbor by screwing the thread at the back of the hole saw to the threaded section under the central collar.Hole Saw Drill BitsA Hole saw is also known as a hole cutter, it’s a saw blade in a ring shape that creates a hole in the workpiece without damaging the surrounding area. Perfect for when you need to drill a hole larger than a standard drill size.Hole Saw Sets come with different sized hole saws and different no of pieces. They also include different hole saws for a variety of materials.