Pneumatic Pin Cylinders

Pneumatic pin (needle) cylinders are compact (space saving) mechanical devices that transform compressed air power into linear forces to drive a mechanical motion. A cylinder consists of a piston, rod and plunger surrounded by a cylindrical bore.These cylinders occupy less space than other pneumatic cylinders because components like switches can be mounted onto them via panel (on top of device) or embedded mounting (inside device).Their bodies are made of brass and the rods are constructed of stainless steel for extra durability. They do not require additional lubrication which makes them relatively maintenance free. What are pneumatic pin cylinders used for? Pin cylinders are used for precision parts assembling in tight spaces. For example during automated soldering activities where components to be joined (soldered) are located behind panel enclosures and can only be accessed through tiny openings.Types of pneumatic pin cylinders Single acting means there is one port from where the compressed air flows to push the rod out. The rod is then retracted with a spring mechanism. Double acting means there are two ports from which compressed air can flow out and back in to push and retract the rod.