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Anti Vibration Pads

What is an Anti-Vibration Pad?An Anti-Vibration Pad is a special type of padding, designed to absorb and evenly distribute vibrations to nominal levels.How do they work?Ranging in size and layers, anti-vibration pads are specifically designed to absorb shock and movement. Usually made from some type of rubber which is incompressible by nature, they are able to deflect the movement by changing shape rather than volume.Different types of Anti-Vibration Pads:• Pads – Bearing pads, damping pads they are essentially the same thing. Square in nature, they are able to cover larger areas and can usually be joined together with multiple pads to suit your needs• Tapes – The tapes are similar to their counterpart pads. The offer the same features of shock absorption except they are in long tape form. Perfect for fitting around wall edges, can be easily manipulated and cut to specified shape and have some kind of sticky backing for quick attachment. Come in a variety of widths and lengths and are ideal where space is restricted.• Chips – Smaller counterparts to pads and tapes, they offer you the ability to cover smaller surface areas. Perfect for smaller machinery with minimal shock or vibration output.Features and benefits:• Vibration and shock resistance• Fast and easy to install, hassle free• Fit under most machines• Improve working conditions• Reduction in environmental nuisance• Provides structural safety benefits• Highly resistance to moistures depending on the rubber type• Installation on upper levels made possible without compromising structure integrityWhere might I use one?• Factory machinery• Warehouse or production lines• Local business – laundrettes, kitchens and more• Your own home