Hex Keys & Sets

Hex Keys commonly referred to as Allen Keys are hand tools found in any toolbox or household. Their primary purpose is to loosen or tighten hexagonal head fasteners. They are available as a singular key piece or as a Key Set with different lengths. RS Components offer a huge range of the most popular brands such as; Bahco, Facom, Gedore, Wera, Weller, Wiha Tools, Stanley and RS PRO with large stock quantities.Choosing the right Hex KeyWhether you are a DIY enthusiast or a Tradesperson it is very important to have the right Hex Key. Our extensive range has been chosen to meet all your solution needs from L-Shaped Hex Keys to specialist VDE approved Hex Keys.Hex Key TypesL-Shaped: The most common type of Hex Key that has the same size head on each end, allowing the key to be used in either orientation. The longer arm allows greater leverage and more torque, whereas the shorter arm allows better access into confined spaces with restricted access.T-Handle: Designed with a more comfortable, ergonomic handle so that it is easier to use a higher amount of torque on stubborn fasteners. Some T-shaped keys have a secondary Hex Key integrated into the handle, allowing easier access.Straight: Designed for better torque transfer and more in the mould of a screwdriver. They are ergonomic, contoured to fit your hand and offer improved control and more comfort.Folding Hex: Folding Hex Key Sets are a handy way to keep differing Allen Key sizes all in one place. The Hex Keys fold-up neatly into a handle, fit comfortably in your hand and stored easily in a pocket or pouch. Convenient and versatile, ideal for on-the-go applications.What Sizes do Hex Keys come in?Metric (mm)Imperial (inches)What are the most common types of Hex Keys?HexagonHex-PlusBall EndWhat are the advantages of Hex-Plus?A Hex-Plus profile offers a larger contact surface within the fastener head, reducing the notching effects and risk of damaging the fastener recess.What is the advantage of a Ball End Hex Key?The ball end on a hexagon key allows it to be inserted smoothly into a socket head. This ability to slide in allows for easier blind insertion, allowing you to more effectively feel the keys way into the socket more easily. As such, for difficult to access sockets, ball end hex keys are preferable.