Plain Washers

What is it?A plain washer, also known as a flat washer is a thin ring of material with a hole in the centre and is an essential part of any fastener assembly. These washers help prevent wear and distortion of installation surfaces over time whilst reducing heat and friction during the tightening process.What does it do?A plain washer is used with a threaded fastener such as a screw or bolt. Washers are primarily used for the following;Distributing the load of a threaded fastener for example, screw or nutPreventing damage to the surface it is being fixed to during tighteningProvides a smooth surface for the nut or bolt to bear on toReduce vibrationSpacerApplicationsPlain washers are utilised whenever a fastener such as a nut or bolt is used. Some of the more common applications would be;Furniture assemblyWhite goods, for example, washing machinesUnistrut and support rail systemsSteel structuresBridgesTypesFlat washers are available in different materials, finishes and thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 5 mm. Washers are also available with various inside diameters (1.5 mm to 22 mm) and outside diameters (3 mm to 60 mm). Depending on application and environment, there are specific attributes that must be considered when selecting the correct component. For example stainless steel offers good corrosion resistance making it suitable for outdoor applications.MaterialBrass WashersCeramic WashersSteel WashersStainless Steel Washers (A2 304 and A4 316 grades)FinishBright zinc platedNickel platedZinc PlatedChrome Plated