Crimp Quick Disconnect Terminals

Spade Connectors can also be known as spade terminal connectors are one of the most popular types of electrical connectors, These connectors help you to quickly disconnect electrical and electronic components and devices. This method allows the user to disconnect electronic components from circuits quickly and reliably. Spade connectors provide tensile strength, thermal conductivity, and resistance to vibration and corrosion. Remember to use the correct crimp tool positioners for easy application. Spade Connector Types Quick Disconnect TerminalFlag TerminalQuick Disconnect Flag TerminalPiggyback TerminalTab TerminalReceptacle TerminalButt Splice Terminal Spade connectors insulationInsulated crimp terminals, useful for preventing electric shock. They also help you to keep liquids and contaminants away from the electrical connection.Uninsulated crimp terminals allow easy inspection of your connections. They are ideal for quick-disconnecting the most common electrical and electronic components. What are Spade Connectors used for?Spade connectors are widely used in machinery, electrical equipment, home appliances, computers, cars and audio connection/fast disconnect systems. Other applications include computer and peripheral equipment, industrial controllers and telecommunications equipment.