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Spanner Sets

Spanner sets provide a selection of spanners for various applications and requirements. These hand tools are designed with fixed sizes to loosen or tighten nuts & bolts, and a kit with a selection of different spanners will cover a variety of sizes and styles in order to make sure you have what you need to hand. These sets are often supplied in a box, case or foam tray to protect the tools from damage during transit.The number of pieces within a spanner set can range from two pieces up to fifty or more. Spanner sets are available as ratchet spanners, combination spanners or ring spanners. Our range includes leading brands such as: Bahco, Facom, Gear Wrench, Gedore, Stahlwille, Stanley, Wera & RS PRO.How do they work?Spanners sets provide the user with increased grip and torque when turning fasteners. Some have a single head and some have dual heads ranging in size as well as length. The longer the tool, the bigger the head to give the user more leverage for undoing stubborn fasteners and allowing greater torque application.What measurements are used for spanner sets?Imperial SpannersImperial spanners use the AF (across flats) system, where the measurement is taken between two parallel sides of the fastener. An inch spanner will fit an inch fastener.Metric SpannersMetric refers to the size of the thread rather than the size of the head of the fastener. Common sizes include M6, M8, M10 and M12. The ’M’ prefix is short for metric while the number indicates the width of the threaded section. For example, while there can be a few variations in millimetres, you would normally see a 10mm spanner being used for an M6 fastener.Spanner Set ApplicationsSpanners sets are used in many different industries, but they are most commonly used by:MechanicsElectriciansNetwork EngineersDIY Enthusiasts