Unthreaded Stainless Steel Pipes

Unthreaded stainless steel pipes are used to convey substances such as natural gas, oil, steam, and water. Rather than being screwed in to a threaded fitting, as a threaded pipe would be, they slide inside the fitting and are often secured with solder.What are unthreaded stainless steel pipes used for? They are used in many different fields, including the food, beverage, dairy, brewing, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Stainless steel is easily cleaned and sanitised, which makes these pipes an ideal choice when strict hygiene standards need to be adhered to. Their ability to withstand high temperatures makes them ideal for industries where heat or warmer conditions are a key factor.Unthreaded pipes can also be threaded by a professional (at a hardware store, for instance) in order to fit with threaded connectors or otherwise meet your needs.Types of unthreaded stainless steel pipes Unthreaded stainless steel pipes vary in their ranges for pressure, temperature, and anticipated weight. It is essential that you consider these factors when purchasing pipes in order to ensure that they can carry out the duties expected of them.