Electrolytic Cap Nuts

Electrolytic cap nuts (or electrolytic capacitor nuts) are additional parts used on electrolytic capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are often cylindrical in shape with their fixing points on the end of the capacitor. These fixing points are what connect the capacitor to the circuit board or device. Electrolytic cap nuts sit on the capacitor and are primarily round in shape with a preformed nut included at the top of the component. The thread size on the nut is of a standard size and the nut allows the part to be tightened easily.What are electrolytic cap nuts used for?Electrolytic cap nuts are often insulated and installed onto the capacitor stud as a mechanical fixing, offering protection to the capacitor. Mounting clips are used to support and help prevent component failure caused by mechanical shock or vibration.Types of electrolytic cap nutsElectrolytic cap nuts vary in diameter size so they can be applied to a range of electrolytic capacitors. They can also be specified for different creepage distances.