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Aluminium Angle

What is an Aluminium Angle?
Aluminium angles are L shaped lengths of metal typically with equal sized sides and sold in a variety of lengths. Aluminium angle is easy to cut with either a hand saw or with power saws such as a band or reciprocating saw. Angles are also easy to drill making them easy to use in fabrication with a range of through fixings as well as being suitable to weld.

Where might I use Aluminium Angle?
Used in both commercial and DIY applications, aluminium angles can be found in industrial cages, fencing and caging as well as in window and door construction. Aside from more industrial applications, aluminium angle can be found in plenty of DIY applications in and around the home such as for worktop edging to prevent damage and protect the worktop, trim for hiding gaps around framing and flooring and even for shelving.

Though typically supplied in its raw form, aluminium angle can be finished with a range of processes such as blackening and anodising. Anodising aluminium provides both a protective coating but can also bring life and colour to a project whether for aesthetic or a more practical reason.