Thermal Insulating Films

Thermal insulating films are designed to heat up any surface heating application. These include temperature control devices like a thermocouple (a sensor used to measure temperature), platinum temperature sensors and limit switches. They can also be used to make etch foil heater mats. Thermal insulating film applications Typical applications of thermal insulating films include: optical equipment, LCD displays, industrial catering equipment, battery warming, environmental control and laboratory equipment. Choose from a range of sizes and between stand-alone thermal insulating film and polyimide heater mats – a device made from thermal insulating film that can be bonded easily to other system parts – depending on your intended application. Thermal insulation film properties and benefits Thermal insulation film is made from a semitransparent polyimide film. This film:is thin, flexible and tear resistant has electrical insulating propertiesis resistant to most chemicalsis weather, bacteria and radiation resistant has a low thermal mass (meaning it absorbs and stores heat)