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Mechanical Depth Measurement Tools

Mechanical depth measurement tools (sometimes called vernier depth gauges) are useful linear measurement devices used to measure the depth of holes, slots and recesses with accuracy. They can also be used for inspecting jig, fixtures and die work.Mechanical depth measurement tool applicationsAnyone doing construction or remodelling work and in need of accurate measurements of the depth of a slot, hole or recess will find a mechanical depth measurement tool handy. You can also use them to measure and locate centre distances. This would help with coordinating the distances of buttons from the edges of a rectangular workpiece, for example.The features and benefits of mechanical depth measurement toolsFeatures and benefits of mechanical depth measurement tools include: They are highly accurate for use in tool rooms and specialist inspection departments, on jigs, die works or fixtures. They are usually made of hardened stainless steel for durability. They are designed to be easy to read for effortless and quick use. They are particularly useful when you’re measuring very small distances, such as a hundredth of a millimetre or a thousandth of an inch.