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Pneumatic Guided Cylinders

Pneumatic guided cylinders are mechanical devices used to move heavy objects attached laterally to factory equipment (often called a side load). Their ball bearing guides help to absorb lateral forces as heavy objects are moved sideways. These cylinders have guide blocks that ensure the forces exerted by the side loads are distributed evenly.
What are pneumatic guided cylinders used for?
They act as guiding aids to keep the loads balanced during motion so they don’t fall off the equipment that carries them. They are found for example in conveyor systems where side loads move upwards and downwards on conveyor belts.
Types of pneumatic guided cylinders
•Multi-mount cylinders can be attached to one another in a modular fashion to give greater carrying capacity.
•Dual-rod cylinders are used to prevent rod bending, piston bending or seal deterioration because their two-rod construction provides more durability and distributes weight evenly across the cylinders.
•Slide cylinders have non-rotating platforms which make them rigid so that they cannot move. This means that they offer solid support when the heavy objects are slid onto the carriages.