Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors

Ceramic transient voltage suppressors are a type of variable resistor that are designed to respond to momentary conditions of overvoltage. They are more effective than other types of overvoltage protection components, such as varistors or gas discharge tubes, as they respond faster to the changing conditions. This particular type of transient voltage suppressor is made from ceramic.What are ceramic transient voltage suppressors used for? Ceramic transient voltage suppressors are used as part of electronic circuits to protect data or transmission lines. They work to protect against both unidirectional and bidirectional electrostatic discharge. This kind of sudden voltage spike can be caused either internally or externally, for example in the form of lightning or motor arcing.Types of ceramic transient voltage suppressors Ceramic transient voltage suppressors can vary according to: their capacitance, which is the amount of energy they can store their clamping voltage, which is the voltage at which they can conduct their full rate their maximum surge current, after which they will stop functioning their size