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Solid Plastic Sheets

Solid plastic sheets are made of strong, durable plastic or plastic like materials and are suitable for various applications. They are typically used across a wide range of industries such as: •Construction Industry •Food Technology •Mechanical Engineering •Electronics Industry •Automotive Industry •Aircraft and Aerospace Technology
Different plastics have different properties which are best suited to certain applications.
•Clear polycarbonate sheets and clear acrylic sheets, sometimes also known as plastic roofing sheets are lightweight as well as being impact resistant. These plastic sheets can be used in everyday items and projects.
•Poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA), also known as clear Perspex or acrylic sheeting is a transparent thermoplastic which is a hard plastic sheet often used as an alternative to glass due to it being strong, shatter-proof and lightweight.
•Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) comes in two forms, rigid and flexible. The rigid form is used for pipes such as water and waste pipes, plastic cladding, conservatories, window frames, fittings and guttering. The flexible form, by adding plasticises, are used in plumbing, electrical cable installation, flooring, signage and inflatable products to name a few. It is one of the most widely used plastics in everyday items, due to it being a low cost material, its ability to blend with other materials, it is both lightweight and strong.
•Plastic sheeting roll is widely used within construction to cover windows, doors and flooring, as it is a vapour retarder. Polyethylene sheeting can be used to seal off rooms, cover materials as well as many other uses.
•Plastic sheets, known also as a PVC sheet, or clear plastic sheets can be clear as well as a variety of different colours. These sheets are available in different lengths and widths, but can also be cut to the required size. A plastic sheet can easily be cut with a plastic-scoring blade, or with a tool such as a saw to cut the plastic sheet to the exact millimetre (mm).
•Plastic sheeting comes in many different standard sizes and thicknesses, as well as being able to be cut to the required size. Environmental factors such as water resistance, UV exposure and temperature extremes, all need to be taken into consideration for sheeting that will be used outdoors.