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Pneumatic Solenoid/Pilot-Operated Control Valves

Pneumatic Solenoid Valves remove the need for manual or pneumatic control of a pneumatic circuit, they depend on only an electrical input or air pressure input. In the case of a piloted valves function, this is what makes them super easy to programme, operate and install. These valves typically come in two different types, these are direct acting and pilot operated. Solenoid Pilot Operated Valves are split between internally and externally piloted valves and you may have known them as a Servo-assisted Solenoid Valve.These valves, which are commonly referred to as solenoid valves or pneumatic valves are often “normally open” or “normally closed”. They are predominantly used within an automation and control application, as well as many industrial and commercial environments and installations which require the control of flow of gas and air.How do pneumatic solenoid/pilot-operated control valves work?A Pneumatic Solenoid Valve uses an electromagnetic force to perform gas and airflow operations, when an electrical current passes through the solenoid coil, a magnetic field causes a ferrous metal rod to move which in turn then opens the valve.Direct Acting Solenoid Valves. – the force of the solenoid must exceed the force exerted by the pressure of the media the valve is being used in and they require no line pressure to operate. These valves also function in a vacuum. Internally piloted valves work with system pressure to aid control instead of against it, enabling them to control air flow using less power than is exerted by line pressure.External Pilot Operated Solenoid Valves – these work in a similar way to internally piloted valves but use air from an external source to assist valve functionality, rather than pressure within the valve. These solenoid valves are often used in low pressure, vacuum or alternative porting scenarios where there is low, negative or no pressure in the valve itself to facilitate movement.