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Cable Covers & Cable Protectors

Cable Covers & Protectors
Covering cables, particularly those lying on the floor, is highly important. To adhere to most health and safety regulations, cable protection is a big section. Not only would a great quality cable cover protect the cable itself from damage, it would also protect personnel from accidental tripping. All while keeping the office or work area tidy and safe.
What kind of cable covers and cable protectors are available?
Within our range, there are various types of cable covers and protectors available. The majority would be for floor cables which would otherwise be running across exposed if not protected. We have certain cable covers that would provide adequate anti-slip protection and stop tripping or similar accidents. We also have cable protectors that could support the full weight of a lorry axle or other heavy vehicles.
How do I know which cable protector I need?
There’s no definitive type of cable protector that would suit every need. As an example, a heavy duty version of a cable protector wouldn’t be as efficient within an office environment. And vice versa, a small cable cover wouldn’t perform as well outside. As an example here’s the differences between these two particular types:
• Heavy duty cable protection: Sometimes referred to as a ramp for a cable, these types of cable protectors will allow cars and other heavy duty transport vehicles to drive over the cable ramps without damaging the wire.
• Standard cable cover: A normal rubber floor cable tidy is a common sight within an office or other indoor places. Usually within networking rooms or areas with large amounts of computers, cables would be running all over the floor. If the design of the office doesn’t have the means to run the cable under the floor boards, a cable tidy would be a suitable solution.