Speaker Drivers

A speaker drive is the individual circular driver unit that produces the sound we hear when we play music or audio. Individual speakers as such are often called ‘drivers’ where the entire unit together will be called the ‘loudspeaker’.How do they work?They work by transforming an electrical audio signal they receive into sound waves which is what we hear as the output.Frequency types:• Full-range drivers – Designed to be used alone, consequently this helps them produce higher quality audio in most cases. Usually used to produce only one audio range• Subwoofer – Appropriate for certain types of music like Jazz or classical. They do not rely on loud bass. Usually quite small as well great for people that don’t have space.• Woofer – Woofers are great at producing large amounts of bass, the larger they are the better they are. Typically used to replace drivers for many Hi-Fi speakers• Tweeter – High-frequency drive that produces the highest frequencies in speaker systems. Widely found in home stereo systems.Features and benefits:• Compact• Extended frequency response• Square, circular or rectangular shapes available• Waterproof units availableWhere might I use one?• Wireless speaker system• Portable speakers• TV Speakers• Home theatres• Hi-Fi systems• Sound bars• PA systems• Headphones• Telephones