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Access Control Accessories

Having the right access control system is vital for companies to ensure their building is secure and to reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Having a reliable access control system enables you to identify and authenticate personnel before entering a building, office or factory. Along with access systems, there are many essential accessories needed to complete your system. Some of the most common areProximity Cards and FobsProximity cards and fobs are used in conjunction with access control readers. The cards or fobs are encoded with unique information that can’t be changed or updated. The cards and fobs are contactless and can be waved in front of the reader.Access Control RelaysAccess control relays are small relays mounted on a PCB board. They are used for controlling opening times to door strikes and magnets. They are an essential accessory to your access control system as it is vital that doors are opened and closed properly.Power SuppliesPower supplies are an essential accessory for your access control system. The power supplies ensure your panels, keypads, locks and strikes receive enough power to work properly. The power supplies are usually supplied in a robust wall mounting enclosure for easy installation.Mounting BracketsMounting brackets are L shaped metal brackets that are attached to a wall or surface. They are used to mount access control door magnets. The metal brackets are easy to install and require separate fixings.LED IndicatorsLED indicators are devices used to provide a simple visual indication to show if a door or a gate is locked. Red for stop or closed, green for go or open. The LED units are housed in a robust enclosure with stainless steel faceplates.