Drawer Runners

What is a Drawer Runner?A drawer runner, also known as a drawer slide, is a piece of hardware that is fixed to the side of the drawer and the carcass of the drawer unit which helps allow the draw to move in and out smoothly. The movement in and out is facilitated by steel ball bearings, ensuring that movement is smooth and noiseless. Drawer runners are usually made from stainless steel for added strength and durability.Drawer Runner Weight ClassificationsLight Duty Drawer Runners – Support up to 50 kg in weight and are used in domestic applications such as drawers in kitchen furniture.Medium Duty Drawer Runners – Support between 51 to 99 kg and are used in draws that contain heavier items such as pots and pans.Heavy-Duty Drawer Runners – Designed to hold 100 kg and over and are ideal for larger storage purposes in the kitchen, office, garage industrial workstations.Drawer runners can also be classified on how they mountSide Mount Drawer RunnersThese runners are mounted on either side of the draw and on the inside of the cabinet carcass. Side mount drawer slides are easy to install provide good visibility of the draw contents and are ideal for use in kitchen cabinets.Centre Mount Drawer RunnersThese runners are mounted underneath the draw in the centre and are designed for lightweight draws. When the draws are open the centre mount, fittings cannot be seen from above.Under-Mount Side Drawer RunnersThese runners are fitted underneath the draw and are ideal for use in medium-duty applications. These drawer slides allow the draw to be slightly wider. When the draw is extended the fittings are not visible from above and are often used in high-end kitchen cabinets as they do not interfere with the look of the cabinet design.Special Drawer RunnersSoft Close Drawer RunnersSoft-close runners feature a hydraulic cylinder or other mechanisms to engage the drawer as it closes. This mechanism dampens the closing motion by pulling the drawer fully closed with a smooth gliding action without needing to apply any excessive force. This soft-close feature prevents slamming and any resulting damage.Self-Closing Drawer RunnersSelf-closing runners close on their own by using a built-in spring or other internal elements that pull the draw closed. A spring mechanism pulls the draw closed and a ramp mechanism uses gravity to close the draw. The advantage of a self-closing drawer runner is that the draw will always be neatly closed rather than half-open.