Tank Insulation

Water tank insulation is used to maintain the temperature inside a cylinder. The insulation will preserve contents sensitive to temperature fluctuations and control the degree of heat loss and freezing. This is useful to conserve energy used by water heaters and keep water hotter for longer in domestic water tanks.What water tank insulation can I use?A foam water tank jacket made from nitrile rubber is easy to cut to size and has low thermal conductivity, making it resistant to condensation. It has high water vapour permeability and has noise reducing properties, which is useful in smaller homes. In order to accommodate different size cylinders and depending on the degree of insulation required, you can select from a range of sizes, fit and adjust accordingly during installation.How to choose the right water tank insulationChoosing the right tank insulation depends on the setting of the tank, and the likely ambient and internal temperatures which will dictate the thickness of insulation required. You can also select tank insulation based on its thermal conductivity, which is independent of the thickness. The lower its thermal conductivity, the better its thermal performance will be.