TV Brackets

VESA mounts are a specifically designed standard of mounting bracket that attaches your flat screen television or monitor to a wall. They operate by screwing into a wall surface, and then screwing into the television.Flat screen monitors and televisions present the ultimate in space saving media displays, but even with light-weight designs available, a sturdy flat panel mount is still required.Often referred to as TV brackets, VESA is unique in that it covers a number of set attachment sizes, with specific hole patterns that are compatible with VESA compliant television models. These flat display mounting interfaces (or FDMIs) are compatible with a variety of LCD, LED and plasma televisions.The RS Components range of VESA mounts offers mounting bracket solutions from leading brands, ensuring security and reliability in your commercial or domestic installation.AccessoriesOur range also includes a number of VESA mount accessories and individual component, allowing you to repair and customize your set up as needed. With individual monitor arms and mounting brackets, there is a solution to suit your requirements.AdjustableMany VESA mounts have adjustable monitor arms, so that the screen may swivel away from the mounting surface. This is convenient for in office presentations and educational displays, where flexibility of viewing space may be required. It is also essential for ‘corner mounting’ televisions, allowing you to make full use of wall corners where sufficient flat space may not be convenient or available.Not all adjustable VESA mounts have monitor arms, however, and some offer tilt flexibility from a flat mount. This can be useful for combating screen glare from light sources.How Can I Be Sure My VESA Mount is Compatible with my Flat Screen?It is easy to work out your TV’s VESA size by simply measuring it. There are four easy to locate holes in the back of VESA complaint televisions. By measuring the horizontal millimetre distance between the holes, and then the vertical, you will have your VESA size.Common VESA Sizes• 200 x 200 mm for television and monitors up to 32 inch.• 400 x 400 mm for televisions and monitors up to 60 inch.• 600 x 400 mm for televisions and monitors up to 84 inch.