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Aluminium Sheets

Aluminium sheets, also known as aluminium plate, are basic raw form aluminium made into sheet form. Often thin, aluminium sheets are used in a wide variety of industries and applications for its various properties. Coatings on aluminium sheets can provide long-lasting materials for exterior use such as cladding while light-weight thin aluminium sheets can be made into drinks cans and other day to day products. For more detailed information on the types, uses and sizes available of aluminium sheets see our complete guide to aluminium sheets.
What types of aluminium sheet are there?
The range of sizing and thickness of sheet aluminium is the first and main factor to consider when looking for this type of sheet metal. While size is a key point, material finishes can play a huge part in the type of sheet required for your needs. Anodised aluminium sheet can provide both protection against corrosion as well as a more aesthetically pleasing face, while raw or unfinished sheets can be finished in a variety of ways once forming or fabrication is complete.
Working with aluminium sheet
Aluminium sheet is an easy to use sheet metal with great formability, easy to cut and great for a variety of fabrication applications. Suitable to use with rivet and plate fixings as well as for welding. Sheets such as 1 or 2mm thick can be formed easily by hand or with smaller hand held-tools where thicker plates may require either manually operated forming machines or more industrial type pneumatic presses or brakes.