Hinges, Hooks & Plates

Hinges are mechanical devices that are designed to hold two objects together in a way that allows for controlled rotation of one of them. The way they work is simple and based on three main elements:LeavesPinKnuckleWhat are the most popular hinges?One of the most popular hinges are gate hinges also known as Tee Hinges. They hold a weight of the gate that is typically fixed to a fence pole or a wall. They can only hold a restricted weight so it is very important to check the weight of the gate before mounting. For heavier and industrial gates, more durable heavy duty option is required. They are bigger in size and can be manufactured from more durable materials such as steel or brass to hold much heavier loads.Solutions that can be found in furniture systems are called concealed hinges, however, some people call them cup because of the look or euro because they were introduced for the first time in Europe. For furniture purposes, Tee ones can also be used. They are smaller than gate ones and are typically made from stainless steel or plastic.Spring Hinges are a unique type of hinges that allow rotation in both directions and automatically return to its starting position after a move in any direction. Ideal solutions for commercial kitchen doors or hospital doors. Spring can also be used to keep a door or a window in an automatic open or closed position.How does a self-closing hinges system work?In addition to 3 standard parts as can be found in regular hinges, self-closing hinges also feature a powerful spring that is designed to close the doors after every opening. This system can be integrated with almost any type of hinges including butt hinge, door hinge or window hinge.How to choose the correct hinge?To make sure that hinges you buy will meet your expectations you need to consider a few main aspects such as:The weight of a gate/door (max load)Material (steel, solid brass, zinc plated, vinyl, plastic etc.)Type (concealed, tee, heavy-duty, door and butt hinge)Mounting type (Screw, Weld-on etc.)Features such as self-closing or even soft closing