Taper Bushes

Taper bushes are a locking mechanism used for fixing pulleys, sprockets and couplings to drive shafts. They are typically used in power transmission drives. Taper bushes are made from precision cast iron and are computer-etched for size identification. How do taper bushes work?The taper part of the component is driven together with the mating hub by high tensile screws, allowing the bush to be firmly secured to the shaft. The force of the clamp enables transmission of high torque (rotational force). This design ensures a successful installation of sprockets and pulleys onto shafts with simple positioning for alignment. What are taper bushes used for?Taper bushes are typically used on shafts to mount pulleys, sprockets and sheaves. They are split, flangeless bushings that use screws to tighten on the shaft and provide excellent clamping force. Taper bushes are commonly used in flush mounting ceiling lights, as they have evenly spaced installation making them highly effective in high-torque applications when installed correctly.