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Pneumatic Adaptors, Fittings & Couplings

We offer a vast selection of pneumatic adapters, fittings and couplings. Working with top brands such as Norgren, Legris and Festo as well as offering our own RS Pro brand, you’ll find push-in, tube-to-tube and threaded-to-tube fittings plus a large number of couplings and adaptors to fit every application.What are pneumatic fittings used for?Pneumatic fittings are used to connect lengths of tubing, pipes and hose in pressurised pneumatic systems. They typically have tighter seals and lower pressure requirements compared to hydraulic fittings and can be commonly found in robotics within production lines as well as products we use within our daily lives such as vacuums and tyre pressure gauges.Types of pneumatic fittings?Pneumatic fittings are predominantly made from three different types of material; plastic, stainless steel and polymer. Stainless steel and polymer fittings are used in the food and beverage industry to comply with hygiene regulations, but all three types can be used in any other application.How do pneumatic fittings work?Pneumatic fittings can work in several different ways and in an array of configurations.Threaded-to-tube adaptors and fittings– designed with a quick fit push-in connection to a tapered or parallel threaded connection and are available in several tube and thread sizes. They’re also available as Elbow and Y adaptors.Tube-to-tube adaptors and fittings – designed with quick fit push-in connections and available to work with several tube sizes. They’re available as an adaptor to connect from one tube size to anotherThreaded adaptors and fittings – designed with a tapered or parallel thread on all connections, these are available as either a bulkhead adaptor, threaded bolts, elbows, cross and manifolds fittings How to measure pneumatic fittings To calculate the required thread size of the pipe fitting, you will need to measure the inner diameter of the threaded hole you would like the fitting to be connected to or the outer diameter of the threaded section of your existing fitting.

  • Copper Washers for Pneumatic Push-In Fittings

  • Pneumatic Bulkheads

  • Pneumatic Elbow Fittings

  • Pneumatic Exhaust & Relief Valve Function Fittings

  • Pneumatic Fitting Accessories

  • Pneumatic Function Fittings

  • Pneumatic Logic Element Function Fittings

  • Pneumatic Manifold Threaded Fittings

  • Pneumatic Multi-Connector Fittings

  • Pneumatic Pressure Function Fittings

  • Pneumatic Quick Connect Couplings

  • Pneumatic Silencer & Exhaust Restrictor Function Fittings

  • Pneumatic Soft Start Function Fittings

  • Pneumatic Straight Fittings

  • Pneumatic Straight Threaded Adaptors

  • Pneumatic T Fittings

  • Pneumatic Tee Threaded Adaptors

  • Pneumatic Tube-to-Tube Adaptors