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Tweezers are hand tools that are similar to pincers and are used to grab, handle or hold small objects, which may not be possible to pick up by hand and require precision and care. They are ergonomically designed to sit comfortably between the user’s thumb and forefinger and are often manufactured from stainless steel for durability and long-lasting tool life. Some tweezers are hand-filed to ensure ultimate precision and accuracy, especially if they are slant-tipped, so that they offer reliable and confident handling, regardless of the application they are used for.
Features of Tweezers: •Tweezers allow the user to handle, hold or grab small objects or components that cannot be handled by a human finger or hand •They can include a serrated tip for a secure grip as well as a ridged handle that allows for better control and grip when handling objects •Some offer a magnetic tip that magnetises an object to hold it more securely and for it not to get lost in case it gets dropped •ESD coatings on tweezers offer additional versatility and safety for the user when working with electrically sensitive equipment or components •Other features of tweezers include anti-corrosive, anti-magnetic and solder adhesion resistant for greater functionality across different applications
Types of Tweezer Tips
•Bent/Curved – they easy control and accurate whilst offering a more comfortable angle for the user to work from, resulting in reduced operation fatigue •Blunt – the finely curved tip is ideal for applications that may result in components getting damaged or entangled by a sharply pointed tweezer •Cutting – the sharp edges enable the user to cut soft wires •Flat – ideal for picking up larger objects as they offer a larger surface area than standard tweezers •Pointed – designed for reaching into small, hard to reach areas for precise pick-up •Round – useful general-purpose applications that may not require as much precision •Wafer – offers flat tips enable safe handling of silicon wafers in the manufacturing of semiconductors without damaging them
•Tweezers are a very versatile hand tool that can be used across a variety of applications and are an essential piece of equipment for those working on highly detailed tasks that require a lot of accuracy and attention. Precision tweezers are like the pliers of the small-object world and are widely used in: •Laboratories •Medical environments •Electronics manufacture •Jewellery making •Watchmaking •Beauty applications •Home DIY