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Mallets are simple hand held tools intended to deliver impact force to an object. Mallets are used in a variety of applications such as: •Applications •Carpentry •Construction •Framing •Geology •Masonry •Mining •Punching •Upholstery •Welding
How they work
Mallets rely upon the physical strengths of the operator to deliver accurate blows. Mallets have striking faces that are softer than steel. They are used in instances where a hammer may produce a spark and ignite a flammable substance.
Always use safety equipment such as safety googles, ear defenders and reusable gloves.
Types of Mallets
Wooden Mallet: Typically used in carpentry to knock wooden pieces together, or to drive dowels or chisels.
Rubber Mallet: Typically used when a softer blow is required. They are typically used to form sheet metal, since they do not leave marks and are less likely to dents.
Brass, Copper Mallet: Typically used on machinery to apply force to parts with a reduced risk of damaging them, and to avoid sparks.
Plastic Mallet: Made of nylon, polycarbonate, or Polyethylene. Typically used in leather-work and jewellery applications.