Jaw Coupling Spiders

Jaw coupling spiders are used for connecting a wide range of equipment including pumps, compressors, gear reducers, line shafts, conveyors and most types of rotating machinery. Jaw coupling spiders are quick and easy to install. They are grease and oil resistant and offer a smooth and silent action.What are jaw coupling spiders made of? Jaw coupling spiders consist of three parts: two metallic hubs and an elastomer insert, which is referred to as a ‘spider’. These three parts press fit together, with a jaw from each hub fitted to each spider lobe. During compression, torque is transmitted through the elastomer lobes.Types of jaw coupling spiders The elastomer of jaw coupling spiders comes in a variety of different materials and hardnesses. This allows you to adjust the coupling to best suit your end application. Polyurethane spiders provide damping of impulse loads, minimising shock to the motor and other sensitive equipment. The hubs are supplied in standard iron, with aluminium and stainless steel versions also available.