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Plier Sets

Pliers are hand tools designed for a wide range of applications and can be used for a wide variety of tasks to grip, lock, twist, hold, bend or cut materials like wires. Some pliers feature also a locking mechanism to securely hold the material in place, without the need to re-adjust. Pliers are generally made from chrome vanadium steel, carbon steel, or other hardened steel alloys to ensure optimum durability, allow heavy-duty use without compromising the finish and prevent corrosion.
Pliers Sets usually the most common types of pliers used: •Cutters – occasionally called wire cutters, they are designed for cutting through wires and cabling and are available in variants like: side cutting, end cutting and diagonal cutting •Long nose pliers – needle-nose pliers or snipe-nosed pliers, are suitable for multi-purpose tasks like bending and crimping and can be used in anything ranging from electrical work to jewellery making. •Combination pliers – designed to be both a functional pair of either round- nose, long nose or flat nose pliers with a built-in cutter that work with multiple applications •End cutter pliers – are designed to cut through or twist materials, such as wires, springs, nails, rivets and bolts •Waterpump pliers – occasionally referred to as a pipe wrench, are extendable and adjustable, which means they can adapt to fit almost any irregular shape due to their wide jaw, making them a versatile tool to have •Circlip pliers – a unique type of pliers that is used to install and remove internal circlips from a range of appliances
Pliers are commonly used by professionals like electricians, plumbers, carpenters, gas engineers, car mechanics and DIY enthusiasts.
Note: If you are working with live or energised currents, ensure your pliers are VDE approved to ensure user safety.