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Polishing Mops

Polishing mops are circular in design and are attached to several different types of polishing machine. They are made from materials such as cotton or sisal. They are attached to machines and spun at high rates to cover greater surface areas.
How do they work?
They make contact with surfaces, usually flooring with high velocity and scrub flooring through this applied pressure. The material then absorbs any dirt or liquid and cleans out areas.
Features and benefits:•Effective in elimination of grinding marks in stainless steel•Spindle mounts are commonly used across different brands of polish machines•Used with polish chemicals creates further benefit for flooring and surfaces•Coarse options available for tougher stains•Can be used to remove paint or rust from metals•Great for prepping surfaces before manual polishing occurs
Where might I use one?
•Schools – particularly hallways•Factories and warehouses – to keep floors clean•Your own home for kitchens, bathrooms or wooden flooring