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Dressing Tools

Dressing tools are crucial in the proper care and maintenance of any grinding wheel. They help to minimise grit and abrasive particles that build up on a wheel’s surface. With regular maintenance using dressing tools, a grinding wheel will have a longer life and provide consistently high-quality performance.How should dressing tools be used?Dressing tools should be mounted firmly in the holder of the wheel at the proper angle. This is usually between 10° and 15° from the surface. Getting the correct angle is key to avoiding any blunting or accidental removal of material. The dressing process needs coolant to protect the dressing tools and this should be kept constant at all times.Types of dressing toolsThere are different types of dressing tools available. It’s essential to choose the right size, shape and quality of tools for the grinding wheel. For instance, choosing a dresser that’s too soft for the wheel won’t remove any particles, resulting in overload. Diamond dressing tools are preferred for their strength and their single- or multi-point ends. Star dressers have long handles and serrated discs.