Paper Shredder Oils

Paper shredder oils are a lubricant for use with electronic paper shredders. Frequent lubrication of the cutting mechanism helps to prolong the life of the shredder and keep it working at maximum efficiency. It ensures that the shredder cuts paper smoothly and prevents paper or paper dust from building up upon the cutting edge. This leads to a quicker shredding process and fewer paper jams.Who uses paper shredder oils?Electronic shredders are commonplace now in offices, home, schools and anywhere where paper documentation needs to be safely destroyed. Anyone can use paper shredder oil to maintain their machine, but you must always check the compatibility first.Types:- Spray oil: This is typically a pump spray or an aerosol. It tends to have a lighter formulation than the bottled oil.- Bottled oil: This is the most common type of paper shredder oil. The bottle is often supplied with a handy nozzle that can help you apply the oil to the cutting mechanism. You could also put some oil onto a piece of paper before shredding it.- Lubricated paper: Individual sheets or sachets of lubricated paper can be fed through the paper shredder, just like normal pieces of paper. The sheets or sachets are impregnated with oil that lubricates the machine when they are shredded. This is mess free solution for oiling your paper shredder.