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Hydraulic Blanking Caps

Hydraulic blanking caps are threaded, closed-ended nuts used to blank off and seal a pipe end or outlet in a hydraulic system. Also known as blanking nuts, they’re designed for use in high-pressure hydraulic systems. Blanking caps provide excellent sealing capability when used in both vacuum and hydraulic systems. They’re designed to ensure stress is evenly distributed.What are hydraulic blanking caps used for?Hydraulic blanking caps are used in plumbing and hydraulic systems in various industries such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing, processing, military systems, machine tooling, transportation, energy and many others.Types of hydraulic blanking capsCorrosion-resistant steel is the most common material for hydraulic blanking caps. Blanking caps or nuts are female (with the thread on the inside), while the male counterparts of these (with the thread on the outside) are called hydraulic blanking plugs. To ensure you’re choosing the correct item, it’s important to check individual product specifications such as connection size (measured in fractions of an inch), thread standard and maximum operating pressure, which is measured in bars.