Air Reservoirs

Air reservoirs are used in pneumatic systems where the flow of air within the system needs to be controlled and to compensate for pressure fluctuations that occur.How do air reservoirs work?Air reservoirs are used to compensate for pressure fluctuations within a pneumatic system. Air is let into the reservoir from a flow valve and stored there until it is released at a pre-determined point.What are air reservoirs used for?Air is released from the reservoir, for example to compensate for fluctuations of pressure within the system. They can also be used in the following scenarios:As an accumulator if pressure suddenly dropsGenerating long time delays in connection with time delay and flow control valvuesGenerating a controlled system with a first-order delayAs an accumulator if the pressure suddenly dropsTo generate static pressure using a one-way flow control valveIf you want to protect downstream equipment from pressure fluctuations or increase the power of an existing actuator, you can use a combination pressure regulator.