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Pneumatic Filters

Pneumatic filters keep pneumatic systems working correctly by removing contaminants, like water and oil vapour, from a compressed airstream. Some use a ‘media’ to trap particles and let only air pass through, while others use a type of membrane that only allows air to pass through. Pneumatic filters are often used alongside pneumatic air lubricators.What are pneumatic filters used for?Pneumatic filters are used in a diverse range of environments and industries such as medicine, analytical instrumentation, food processing, marine and aviation, manufacturing and food and beverage packaging. Types of pneumatic filtersPrimary filtersPrimary filters protect pneumatic devices from damage that could be caused by contaminants such as dirt particles, small water droplets or aerosols. These primary filters will remove particles as small as five micrometres from the air. Secondary filtersSecondary filters can trap particles as small as 50 nanometres. They can remove fumes, odours, moisture, oils and other very small particles from the air stream.