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Mitre & Bevel Gears

Mitre and bevel gears are gear types that operate at a right angle to transfer motion between perpendicular shafts. How do mitre and bevel gears work? Bevel gears are designed to transmit rotary motion between intersecting shafts. Their tooth-bearing faces are conical, and although they’re usually mounted on shafts that are 90° apart, they can be designed for almost any angle. Mitre gears are bevel gears with an equal number of teeth, used for transmitting rotational motion with a 1:1 ratio at a 90° angle. What are mitre and bevel gears used for? Mitre and Bevel gears have a wide range of applications, including in material handling and pumps, and in the automotive and commercial industries, among others. They are also found in numerous types of mechanical equipment, including: Food packaging equipment. Welding positioning equipment. Machine tools, including mills and lathes. Compression systems for oil and gas markets. Food-canning equipment. Fluid control valves. Lawn and garden equipment. Track inspection machines. Cooling towers. Printing presses.